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Straighten Your Teeth With Veneers

August 25, 2021
Posted By: The Litvak & Woller Dental Team
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Our cosmetic dentists in Denver, CO utilize porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your smile. While veneers don't actually straighten teeth, they can fix several major cosmetic issues, like creating the appearance of straighter teeth for patients with moderately crooked teeth.

Veneers also:

  • Mimic the appearance of natural teeth
  • Customized to fit your mouth
  • Hide chips, cracks, wear, discoloration, and small gaps
  • Can last upwards of 12 years depending on style and care

The cosmetic dentist removes a small layer of enamel from the tooth's surface and bonds the custom veneer to the tooth. In just two appointments, patients can have a new smile.


How Much Do Veneers Cost, and Are They Right for Me?

  • Veneers can be a good alternative to other dental options like braces. Not everyone has time for braces or can stand the thought of being an adult with braces. 
  • Venners do come with a few cons you might want to consider. The procedure is permanent, so there is no going back. Veneers are also not a suitable orthodontic solution for all patients. 
  • Veneers require strong teeth and healthy gums. Things like cavities or gum disease may prevent you from being a suitable candidate for veneers. 
  • Those who grind their teeth or do not practice exceptional oral hygiene should not consider veneers.
  • Patients with too many missing teeth will not have the support structure required for veneers and may have to consider other options.
  • If your teeth have too much rotation or are highly misaligned, the dentist cannot correct their appearance with veneers.

Cost depends on the complexity of your case and how many veneers you choose. Talk to our cosmetic dentistry experts in Denver to learn whether veneers will work for you.  

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