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We have one simple approach to the way we practice dentistry – to provide all our patients and their families with outstanding dental care in a relaxing, welcoming, and comfortable environment. This patient-focused philosophy is the foundation for our success and enables us to deliver gentle treatments that are specifically tailored to meet each patient's unique set of needs.


At the office of Clifford S. Litvak, DDS and and James R. Woller, DDS, before we invest in any new equipment, we want to be certain that it will do an effective job and leave you with healthier teeth than when we started. Then we ask, “How will this new technology benefit our patients?”

We’ve chosen the types of technology that streamline your office visits and maximize your oral health. Next time you visit, we’ll be happy to tell you more about the ways our updated technology will make your dental visits easier and more efficient. 

Digital x-ray technology at dentist office in Cherry Creek CO

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

At first, the steps we follow for digital radiography (x-rays) appear to be similar to those used for taking traditional x-rays. The big difference is that, instead of using film to take your x-rays, we use digital sensors.

Once we take the x-ray, the image is displayed on an overhead monitor so that we can view it together. Digital x-rays give us a highly detailed view of what’s happening inside your teeth. They expose you to about 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays and are also better for the environment since we don’t have to dispose of any chemicals used for processing.

Intraoral Cameras

Intraoral cameras are a special type of camera developed specifically for use in dentistry. This handheld instrument allows us to show you images of your mouth so you get a clear picture of what’s happening and why treatment is necessary.

An intraoral camera is very small, about the size of a pen. Using this specialized equipment, we can show you clear, precise images of your teeth and gums. This information helps you see what we see and also allows us to make an accurate diagnosis. The clear, enlarged images, show us details that may be missed during a standard visual exam. This means faster and better diagnoses and less chair time for you!

The images we take with the intraoral cameras are stored digitally at our office. This allows us to develop a comprehensive history of your treatment and share it with your insurance company or specialists as needed.

Digital Impressions

Using updated technology, we can do away with the usual messy procedure you’re probably used to when getting impressions taken. That’s right – no more gooey paste, discomfort, or gagging.

We use a small, hand-held instrument that fits comfortably in your mouth. The scan is completed using a dental laser, and in about ten minutes, we’ll see a highly accurate 3-D image of your teeth and soft tissue structures. Using digital impressions, we can also show you your teeth in 3-D so that you can better understand your treatment.

This technology completely eliminates the need for a bulky metal tray and sticky paste. Aside from comfort, the iTero scanner delivers a more accurate impression, resulting in improved treatment and a more comfortable experience. 

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